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So, what do we do?

ProjectsMate is an open network software solution in the technology-deprived construction sector, which addresses the problems faced by all major stakeholders through a collaborative environment to work more efficiently and with more freedom, all the while maximizing their earning potential.
"It's high time that the construction industry has been technically uplifted. Being one of the prominent industries, we are focused on transforming an industry from bottom to top."
Jackson Paul, Founder

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Not just one product, but a suite of products

Building for architects, with architects

The product experience would be validated consistently by the Architect community itself. The expertise of generations of designing makes the product experience unique and un-matching.

What we offer

Complete transformation and digitization of the industry
Learnings from the construction industry by being actively involved for the last 10 years
A suite where the success of any one product can help the other ones thrive
Open play to maximize value creation possibility
Exposure to multiple industries, thus contributing to a lot of cross-industry learning
Debundling and leveraging the technology for maximum industry players
Collaborative tool and interconnected products
Respectability and industry access to everyone
Growth and freedom for all stakeholders
Complete transparency at different levels
Conducive environment for small business owners

We're working with

Meet the team

Jackson Paul

Architect, Co-Founder
He has been an aspiring entrepreneur who always wanted to bring the best out of him. On his journey with YE Stack he was able to collate his experience in Architecture and knowledge in Construction Management.  Currently Director and part of management team of Viya Builders Pvt Ltd.

Arun Antony

Arun Antony has been a serial entrepreneur since 2009. He currently serves as the Managing Director of Transform Group. Over the last decade he has been instrumental in forming multiple entrepreneurial teams across different industries and markets.

YE Stack

A venture studio that aims to enable entrepreneurs to develop and grow personally as well as professionally.

Adithyan M R

Engineering graduate who has developed sheer management skills within a short period of time. He joined YE Stack and transformed to be an entrepreneur with very good execution capabilities. He's currently the COO of Viya Constructions.

Viya Constructions

Viya Builders Pvt Ltd is a company incorporated in 2020. Founded by Mr. Arun Antony, the organization has a team who have been trained in Project Management and is highly empowered. It's built bootstrapped and is looking forward to facilitating the technology transformation of the construction industry.

From the YE Stack Venture Studio

YE Stack aims to enable entrepreneurs to develop and grow personally as well as professionally. It involves the transformation of entrepreneurs into responsible individuals who, with their strong value system can run businesses and create real value in the lives of their customers. Here, we help startups of the future to leverage the decentralized technology and networks across product realms to create real value for their customers.
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